Working with our travel partner to give our clients the chance to experience the most interesting parts of the world in style and comfort knowing you're in safe hands.

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One of our partners in the network is an international bonded and licensed travel company with offices all over the world and over 25 years of experience. Wherever a client chooses to go there is a team in place worldwide to ensure we can provide the best deals on flights, hotels etc. We build the perfect itinerary by also giving recommendations on places to eat and hold events during the itinerary. We will plan the itinerary to ensure that in every area, there is added value to make the itinerary unique. We are on hand right up till departure to answer any questions from the client. When the itinerary begins there is a senior manager on site with a team to assist and ensure that the client and guests are happy and that throughout the itinerary, everything from the ground handling perspective is perfect. To find out more about this service or any other service we offer please contact us now.


We recently provided global ground handling services for a large micro savings conference of 260 people in East Africa. The services entailed sourcing accommodation, flights and airport transfers and to simplify this, we set up a dedicated website for the delegates. They could log in and view hotel rooms and airport transfers at a special rate and submit enquiries that we could then process into bookings.

For airline tickets, they would submit a form through the website direct to the travel company who could then correspond with them about their best option for tickets, streamlining the whole process. The second part of our contract was the 3 day task of transporting 260 delegates from four hotels across a busy metropolitan city to the conference centre and then after the day, transport them to the evening’s events and then back to the hotels.


We suggest that technology is the way to ease the process of sourcing flights, transport and accommodation. If you are holding a conference and the delegates are booking flights, transport and accommodation themselves then why not allow us to build an information portal for your delegates about the town you are holding your conference in.

This website can allow your delegates to see all the relevant information about the town or city that the conference is in and ensures that they are well prepared before they travel to the conference. The other part of this portal can be a full service dedicated to showing the delegates the accommodation, airport transfer and airline tickets options so you can be assured that they are getting the best deal.