Be it a product launch or an AGM, we will listen to your company's needs and create the perfect event and ensure that it's done with a high degree of originality.

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If you want your product launch to leave people wanting more, then come and see us. Our network ensures that we have a large and diverse portfolio of possible event locations. Hotels and conference venues are popular along with sporting venues. However for a really unique event we have access to original locations like the middle of the Serengeti that would ensure a memorable event right from the start. We handle all the elements from locating the venue and creating the ambience to sourcing the food, drink and entertainment. During the event, we are there to manage all the elements and ensure a successful event. Our team has years of international event experience and they have completed projects in remote areas of the world but mostly importantly can run a wide range of events from a product launch to a press conference to a director’s retreat. Get in touch to make an enquiry.


Our team was brought in by a hotel management company to assist with the launch of a recently refurbished $25 million hotel in Arusha, Tanzania. With less than three weeks before the event, we were tasked with the planning of the event and providing key event elements such as the décor, lighting and audiovisual services. Our extra touch was a choreographed fireworks display that lit up the night sky and could be seen nearly thirty miles away.

Our team was brought in to work with three other events companies on the Tanzania launch of a mobile telecommunications company rebrand. The launch in Tanzania was one of fifteen other countries on the African continent launching all at the same time. We were tasked to provide key event elements such as décor and lighting as well as event management on the night of the launch.


If you are launching a product in Europe, we would suggest why not a great venue in London is the River Thames. There are many luxury pleasure boats which we regularly use and why not transform the top of the boat into a classy and stylish event space so as you motor up and down the Thames at night you can launch your product in a truly memorable setting.

Need to host a corporate event in Spain. Why not choose Barcelona with it's tremendous culture that oozes stylish elegance? The famous “Las Rambla” is one of the centrepieces of Barcelona’s tourism product and within it, there is a fantastic restaurant called Attic. This restaurant has a great terrace that looks right onto Las Rambla and can hold at least 150 people standing in a cocktail style.